The Zou API is REST-based. If you are looking for a Python client, see Gazu.


Before you can use any of the endpoints outline below, you will have to get a JWT to authorize your requests.

You can get a authorization token using a (form-encoded) POST request to /auth/login. With curl this would look something like curl -X POST <server_address>/auth/login -d "email=<youremail>&password=<yourpassword>.

The response is a JSON object, specifically you'll need to provide the access_token for your future requests.

Here is a complete authentication process as an example (again using curl):

$ curl -X POST <server_address>/api/auth/login -d "email=<youremail>&password=<yourpassword>
{"login": true", "access_token": "eyJ0e...", ...}

$ jwt=eyJ0e...  # Store the access token for easier use

$ curl -H "Authorization: Bearer $jwt" <server_address>/api/data/projects

HTTP routes

The full specification of the APIĀ is available at the OpenAPIĀ format here:


Available data

Data you can store and retrieve are listed in the specification: Models specification