Job Queue

To run jobs asynchronously in a job queue, an additional service is required.

What will be run in the job queue

  • Playlists build
  • Event handlers loaded in Zou

Enabling job queue

Set ENABLE_JOB_QUEUE environment variable to True in the main service file (zou.service).

S3 Storage

If your main service file (zou.service) uses a S3 backend, you want to add the same variables to the job queue too (zou-jobs.service).

  • FS_BACKEND: Set this variable with "s3"
  • FS_BUCKET_PREFIX: A prefix for your bucket names, it's mandatory to set it to properly use S3.
  • FS_S3_REGION: Example: eu-west-3
  • FS_S3_ENDPOINT: The url of your region. Example:
  • FS_S3_ACCESS_KEY: Your user access key.
  • FS_S3_SECRET_KEY: Your user secret key.

If not yet installed, install the following package in your virtual environment:

sudo /opt/zou/zouenv/bin/python -m pip install boto3

Setting up RQ, the job manager

Create a systemd file:

Path: /etc/systemd/system/zou-jobs.service

Description=RQ Job queue to run asynchronous job from Zou

# Environment="FS_BACKEND=s3"
# Environment="FS_BUCKET_PREFIX=prefix"
# Environment="FS_S3_REGION=region"
# Environment="FS_S3_ENDPOINT=https://endpoint.url"
# Environment="FS_S3_ACCESS_KEY=XXX"
# Environment="FS_S3_SECRET_KEY=XXX"
ExecStart=/opt/zou/zouenv/bin/rq worker -c zou.job_settings 


Start the service:

sudo service zou-jobs start